Vetageble Cutter


Welcome to a greener world! Using your Ankarsrum Assistent Original makes it easy to boost your day with fruit and vegetables, and cook vegetarian in general.
The vegetable cutter comes with three drums,medium coarse grating drum, slicing drum and coarse grater drum.


Endless possibilities. Make the most of your kitchen machine with more smart accessories to make your own pasta, press juice, mix a smoothie, or make your own homemade burgers.


• Use the vegetable cutter for potatoes, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, mushrooms and more.
• The vegetable cutter consists of a housing, a locking ring, feeder plug and three different drums.
• Medium coarse grater drum is used for root vegetables and vegetables for raw food, almonds and nuts for baking, as well as for fruit and cheese.
• The slicing drum is used to slice root vegetables, onions, potatoes, fruit and other vegetables.
• The coarse grater drum is used for root vegetables, vegetables and fruit for soups and pies.
• For safety reasons, the grater drum cutting surfaces are on the outside.
• The vegetable cutter fits all Assistent models N1-N30.