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Vegan baking

Vegan baking means avoiding entirely ingredients derived from animals.

Vegan baking means avoiding entirely ingredients derived from animals.
With most baking recipes you can simply swap butter and milk for plant-based alternatives, while eggs, for example, require a bit more thought depending on how the egg is being used in each recipe.

In the recipe for cinnamon rolls (link to existing recipe), for instance, you can leave out the egg completely, swap the milk and butter for a plant-based equivalent, and brush the rolls with sugar water instead of egg.

Here is a list of ingredients that can be replaced with vegan substitutes.

Butter (chocolate balls)
– choose a non-dairy margarine. Popular types of margarine often contain a small amount of milk and so are not vegan.
– avocado, same quantity.
– apple sauce, same quantity.
– mashed potato, same quantity.

In sponges, such as (link to recipe), the butter can be replaced with vegetable oil; 100 grams of butter is the equivalent of around 85 grams of oil.

Milk (cardamom cake)
– choose a plant-based milk drink, such as oat milk, soya milk, rice milk, coconut milk or almond milk. Same quantity.

Chocolate (chocolate chip cookies)
– choose a dairy-free chocolate; available in both white and “milk” chocolate versions.
– dark chocolate that is free from powdered milk or whey powder.

Eggs as a binding agent (classic banana loaf)
– banana, a normal-sized, mashed banana is the equivalent of two eggs.
– chickpea liquid, also called aquafaba, 3 tbsp is the equivalent of one egg. Makes no difference whether it is liquid from a carton or a tin.
– chia seeds, grind 1 tbsp of chia seeds with 3 tbsp of water using a mortar and pestle, and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Is the equivalent of one egg.
– linseeds, work in the same way as chia seeds.
– mashed fruit or berries; here it’s trial and error until you get the amount right.
– mashed potato; trial and error…
– Maizena (cornflour), amount…
– psyllium husk, possibly add baking powder for…
– powdered egg replacer.

Eggs as a leavening agent
– apple juice, 50 ml is the equivalent of 1 egg.
– banana, ½ a normal-sized banana is the equivalent of 1 egg.
– baking powder and water; test it…
– powdered egg replacer.

Egg whites (meringue)
– chickpea liquid (aquafaba), resembles egg white in whipped form and can be used in meringue, for example.

Gelatine (cheesecake)
– agar-agar, a gelatinous substance extracted from red algae that can be used as a substitute for gelatine.

– sugar or syrups. For example, maple syrup has the same sweetness as honey and you can use the same amount, while regular cooking syrups require more to achieve the same sweetness as honey.

Tip! Save peeled and halved bananas in the freezer to use, once defrosted, in baking.
Note! The red colouring agent carmine (cochineal) found in some sweets is made from crushed insects and should therefore not be used in vegan baking.