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Meet Ashley Mccord

Meet Ashley McCord, Vice President of Ankarsrum Inc. With over two decades of expertise in Ankarsrum's products and market dynamics, Ashley is the driving force behind our company's growth and innovation. Stay tuned to learn more about her remarkable journey and her vision for Ankarsrum Incs future.

Ashley Mccord, Vice President of Ankarsrum Inc!

Ashley has a deep understanding of Ankarsrum products and the marketplace. Her journey began in 1992 when she began working for a retailer of the Ankarsrum line. During her 20+ years there, she learned everything about the products and shared her knowledge by teaching cooking classes using Ankarsrum products. In 2013, Ashley transitioned from retail sales to Product Manager for the then Ankarsrum US distributor. In the years that followed, she led sales and strengthened Ankarsrum’s presence in the US market.

–  Seeing the relationships that started so many years ago continue to grow and develop is the most rewarding part of my job, says Ashley.

Ankarsrum Inc was founded in 2023

After founding Ankarsrum Inc in 2023, Ashley continued her involvement with the company, taking on the role of Vice President. As a leading force, she drives development and growth with passion and expertise. Through Ankarsrum Inc, our US company, Ashley continues to build on her hard work with the brand and strives to establish Ankarsrum as a leading player in the US market.

– Being a part of setting up this new company has given me the opportunity to lead and develop a business that builds on my previous hard work with the brand, Ashley shares with glowing enthusiasm.

Vision and Work Culture

Ashley’s vision for the company is to not only compete in the marketplace, but to achieve the same level of recognition and prominence as our competitors. She is committed to making Ankarsrum a respected brand in the United States through innovation, hard work and continued coaching of her team. When it comes to the culture at Ankarsrum, Ashley takes pride in the family atmosphere and cohesiveness of the workplace.

– We are a family, and I strive to make our retail partners feel like they are a part of that family, Ashley shares a sense of community and togetherness.

Ankarsrum Inc looks forward to an exciting future of growth, innovation and strong community with Ashley Mccord as the driving force. Ashley and her team strive to make Ankarsrum a well-known and respected brand throughout the United States with a focus on continuous education and hard work. Together, they are building a future centered on quality, community and a passion for cooking.