• 7 years warranty
  • High capacity
  • Multifunctional
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What is Ankarsrum?

Learn more about the Stand Mixer Ankarsrum Assistent Original.

o Made in Sweden. Ankarsrum Assistent Original is manufactured and assembled by hand in Sweden. The Stand Mixer is built to last and comes with a 7 year warranty. Each machine is tested individually before leaving the factory

o Sweden’s first Stand Mixer. Ankarsrum Assistent Original was launched in 1940. Over the years, the machine has been improved with more powerful engine, provided with stepless speed regulator and overload protection, which has made it stronger and more reliable

o Nine functions facilitates in the kitchen. 18 different accessories allow the same machine to be used to whisk, mix, knead, mash, stir, grind, grate, make sausages and strain. Today’s model is compatible with previous models. This means that new accessories can be used on older Ankarsrum Assistent Original and vice versa

o Unique with higher capacity. It is possible to make up to five kilos of dough with 1.5 liters of dough liquid at a time because the bowl holds a seven liters in volume. The bowl is placed on top of the gearbox that causes the bowl to rotate. The construction with the underlying gearbox enables an optimal gear ratio between motor and bowl. This design makes the engine more efficient and stronger and facilitates kitchen work as it is easier to radd ingredients from above

o Style. The characteristic timeless design is as popular today as in the 50’s. It was first developed by civil engineer Alvar Lenning. Over the years, the cream-colored original has been supplemented with more color options and today Ankarsrum Assistant Original is available in 13 different colors