• 7 years warranty
  • High capacity
  • Multifunctional
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What is included in the Ankarsrum Basic Package?

When you buy the Ankarsrum Assistent Original basic package, you get not only a powerful and reliable stand mixer, but also a set of invaluable accessories that will make your everyday life in the kitchen easier. These accessories are designed to give you the best possible results every time you bake or cook. Here's an overview of what's included in the basic kit and how you can use each accessory.

Ankarsrum Assistent Original

The Ankarsrum Assistent Original has a powerful motor and an innovative design. The rotating open bowl makes it easy to add ingredients while the machine is running. The motor is located at the bottom of the Assistent, providing a stable machine that will not move during use.

7-year warranty

Each machine is tested individually and comes with a 7-year warranty.

Strong Engine

With Ankarsrum you can bake up to 5 kg of dough.


Many different accessories. Knead, press, mash, shred? No problem at all.

7 liter stainless steel bowl

The included bowl can be used to knead dough, mix minced meat or whip large amounts of cream. Thanks to its capacity, it can handle both small and large doughs. The stainless steel bowl can be used with either the dough roller or dough hook, both of which provide efficient kneading.

1.5 liters of dough liquid

The bowl can handle doughs containing up to 1.5 liters of dough liquid.

7 liter

The bowl has a volume of 7 liters.

Dough roller

The Dough Roller mimics hand kneading and is the gentlest way to build gluten strands. The dough roller is great for making cookie dough, mixing ground meat, whipping a large batch of whipped cream, and kneading dough.

Rhythmic kneading technique

Unique kneading that mimics the rhythmic movement of a human fist.

Gluten development

Promotes even kneading and gluten development.

Versatile dough capacity

Recommended for both small and large doughs, as well as doughs with a lot of liq

Dough hook

The dough hook is used primarily for bread and works the dough by "pulling" it. It is ideal for heavier doughs that require more force.

Ideal for rye bread

Ideal for heavy doughs such as rye and whole grain breads.

Use for large doughs

Recommended for larger doughs.

Dough knife

The dough knife is used with the dough hook or dough roller to scrape the edge of the bowl. By constantly scraping the edge, you ensure that all the ingredients are included and that the dough is even.


Use the spatula to easily get all the dough. The notch on the spatula is designed to fit the dough roll, making it easy to scrape off the dough roll after use. The customized edge of the spatula fits perfectly into the corners of the bowl, so all the dough is included. It is also ideal for dividing buns and dough.

Dough division

Works great for dividing buns and dough.

Stainless steel bowl & whisk bowl

Perfect for both Stainless steel bowl & whisk bowl.

Bowl Cover

By using the bowl cover on the stainless steel bowl while the dough is rising, you can prevent the dough from drying out and get a uniform rise. It can also be used as a splash guard for the whisk bowl.

Protects the dough

Prevents the dough from drying out.

Uniform fermentation

Ensures that the dough rises evenly.

Avoid spills in the kitchen

Use the bowl cover when whisking to avoid splashing.

Whisk bowl

The whisk bowl is ideal for whipping cream, eggs or biscuit dough. It also withstands heat and can be used to make Italian meringue, for example.

3,5 liter

The whisk bowl holds 3.5 liters.

Balloon whisk & Cooike beater

Used in conjunction with the Balloon Whisks or the Cooike Beaters.

Balloon Whisks

The balloon whisks are versatile and perfect for achieving fluffy results. Their balloon-shaped wire structure whisks air into batter, egg whites and cream for a light and airy texture.

For meringues & cream

Used for whipping meringues, eggs, whipped cream and fluffy pastries.

Double whisks, double the efficiency.

Double whisks provide double efficiency, save time and give perfect results.

Cookie Beater

Cookie beaters are perfect for thorough and gentle mixing of doughs or simple butter-based doughs, such as cake or cookie dough.

For exata recipes

Recommended for sensitive and precise recipes.

For Shortbread, Pie & Frosting

Used for shortbread, pie dough and frosting with room temperature butter.

Thin wire loops

Thin wire loops ensure perfect mixing and consistency.

Recipe book

The Ankarsrum Recipe Book contains 34 recipes ranging from breads and pastries to dinners and drinks. The book provides detailed descriptions and smart tips on how to get the most out of your Ankarsrum Assistant Original.