Ice Cream maker

Art No: 920900072

With our Ice Cream maker you can easily make everything from classic vanilla ice cream and soft sorbet, to healthy nice cream and frozen yoghurt. Package of complete ice cream accessory for Ankarsrum Assistent Original including lid for the freeze bowl, convenient when serving directly from it.

The maximum capacity of the Ice Cream Maker is about 700g  (about 5 cups) of ingredients in total. This means approximately 1.5 l of Ready to eat ice cream of finished ice cream.

Before use:
Put the freezer bowl in the freezer for 20-24 hours before use.

$ 199.99


When Gelato is your craving

It’s easy to make your own ice cream! And fun to experiment with different flavors. Do you like lemons, strawberries, violets or pistachios? Only your imagination sets the limits!


The maximum capacity is about 700g of ingredients in total.

Easy to use

With our ice cream machine it is easy to make your favorite ice cream.

Many options

Make ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet or nice cream with your favorite flavors.


Make your own ice cream

Now we are launching the accessory we have all been waiting for - the ice cream maker that makes your Ankarsrum Assistent even more complete. Now you can make your own ice cream, that the whole family can enjoy. With the new accessory, you can make everything from classic vanilla ice cream and soft sorbet, to nice cream and yoghurt ice cream.