Fettuccine Ankarsrum




Pasta AnkarsrumIngredients
500 g durum wheat flour
7 eggs
3.5 tbsp neutral oil

You need:
Lasagna Roller
Fettuccine Cutter

Assemble the assistent with Lasagna Roller
Start the Assistent at low speed
Start to roll on 0
Fold the dough and roll again

Fettuccine Ankarsrum

Roll thinner (3) and thinner (6)
Let the pasta land on a generously floured surface

Boil directly or hang up to dry.
Cooking time about 2–3 minutes.



Serve with homemade bolognese – Bon appetit!




Blender Vigorously Ankarsrum

Knead, squeeze, mash, shred? No problem

You have several different accessories to choose from to create the perfect sausage, burger, bread, pasta, applesauce, smoothie – or whatever you are dreaming of. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you and your Ankarsrum Assistent Original can accomplish.