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Hydration in bread baking is about the flour's ability to absorb liquid. Depending on the flour's composition of starch and protein, it will have different capacities to absorb liquid.

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More about flour

There are just two essential ingredients for baking a loaf of bread: flour and water. Using flour and water, you can start and feed a sourdough, then mix with even more water and flour, and then bake a finished bread. It's pretty amazing!

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Fermentation makes bread swell, mature and develop taste.

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What is Ankarsrum?

Learn more about the Stand Mixer Ankarsrum Assistent Original.

Blender Ankarsrum
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Ankarsrum Blender

The blender is made to vigorously fix everything from chopping chocolate to mixing hummus and smoothies

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Make pasta with Ankarsrum

Serving home made pasta impresses during any dinner. Here you will learn a little more about how to make your own pasta!

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Quick Guide – Double beater set

With the balloon whisks you will always get it right when aiming for the perfectly fluffy cream and meringues, and with the cookie whisks you make both the tastiest cookies and the crispiest pie pastries you can imagine.

Kneading dough with Ankarsrum

Quick Guide – Kneading dough in Ankarsrum

Ankarsrum is the bread makers mixer! Kneading dough with Ankarsrum is easy, and you can choose from dough hook or dough roller when doing so. Here you will find our tips on how to use the different accessories when kneading dough.

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Ankarsrum Strainer

The strainer is used to strain fruit and berries to a mash or purée.

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Learn a little more.

With an Ankarsrum in the kitchen it is easy to swing together a sourdough bread or make your own sausage. Take a closer look at our articles and become a real professional with your machine…

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Ankarsrum Mincer

A mincer in the kitchen means you can take your cooking to a whole new level.

Baking 5 kilos with Ankarsrum
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Prepare 5 kilos of dough

In Ankarsrum you can make up to 5 kilos of dough - and here you can learn how.

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Proving is something of an art. It is affected by a number of external factors such as the temperature in the room and air humidity, as well as the type of bread you are baking.

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There are many different kinds of flour, some suited for bread baking, some for cakes and cookies. Here you find some basic knowledge about flour. Choose your flour with care, try it and experience the difference in results.

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Baking gluten-free

Baking gluten-free means excluding from your baking cereals, such as wheat, rye and barley, that contain gluten.

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Vegan baking

Vegan baking means avoiding entirely ingredients derived from animals.