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Ankarsrum Masterclass – Dough hook

In this video you learn how use the dough hook on your Ankarsrum Assistent Original

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Ankarsrum Masterclass – Dough roller

In this video you learn how use the dough roller on your Ankarsrum Assistent Original

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Salted caramel cupcakes

Salted Caramel Cupcakes. Ingredients: Cupcakes:. Filling:. Frosting:. Follow these steps:.

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Blueberry buns in a pan

Blueberry buns in a pan. Ingredients: Wheat dough:. Filling:. Syrup:. Topping:.

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Japanese milk bread

In the first episode of our baking school you will learn how to make Japanese milk bread. Japanese milk bread is incredibly fluffy soft and delicious

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Yeast makes bread expand and gain volume. Yeast also helps bread develop flavors, because flavors are formed during the fermentation process.

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Windowpane Test (Gluten Window)

Bread recipes requires flour, liquid and a leavening agent. Flour contains, among other things, the protein gluten, which is one of the components that holds dough together and makes it elastic.

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Hydration in bread baking is about the flour's ability to absorb liquid. Depending on the flour's composition of starch and protein, it will have different capacities to absorb liquid.

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More about flour

There are just two essential ingredients for baking a loaf of bread: flour and water. Using flour and water, you can start and feed a sourdough, then mix with even more water and flour, and then bake a finished bread. It's pretty amazing!

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Kohotus saa taikinan paisumaan ja kypsymään sekä maun kehittymään.

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What is Ankarsrum?

Learn more about the Stand Mixer Ankarsrum Assistent Original.

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Quick Guide – Double beater set

With the balloon whisks you will always get it right when aiming for the perfectly fluffy cream and meringues, and with the cookie whisks you make both the tastiest cookies and the crispiest pie pastries you can imagine.

Kneading dough with Ankarsrum

Quick Guide – Kneading dough in Ankarsrum

Ankarsrum is the bread makers mixer! Kneading dough with Ankarsrum is easy, and you can choose from dough hook or dough roller when doing so. Here you will find our tips on how to use the different accessories when kneading dough.

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Proving is something of an art. It is affected by a number of external factors such as the temperature in the room and air humidity, as well as the type of bread you are baking.