In kitchen service. Since 1940.

Ever since the 40's, we have manufactured our robust kitchen assistants in Sweden, in Ankarsrum. We have built them to handle hard kitchen work and keep it up for a long time. With their 16 different accessories, they will be happy to help you with everything from baking sourdough bread to making smoothie, or your own pasta.

Our story

We started in 1940, and have since 1969 manufactured our Assistents in Ankarsrum, a small industrial village in Småland in southern Sweden.

Knead, squeeze, mash, shred?No problem.

You have several different accessories to choose from to create the perfect sausage, burger, bread, pasta, applesauce, smoothie – or whatever you are dreaming of. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you and your Ankarsrum Assistent Original can accomplish.

Product quick view

Black AKM 523B

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