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Do not try this at home

Ankarsum challenge

Do not try this at home

In 2022, Ankarsrum will challenge the strength and endurance of Ankarsrum Assistent Original through a series of videos on youtube under the theme “Do not try this at home”, to show how powerful the machine is.

The first challenge

Can Ankarsrum pull an airplane?

In the first test, Ankarsrum Assistent Original must pull an aircraft, using only the power from the motor of the machine. The aircraft in this test weighs 800 – 900 kg and in the experiment Ankarsrum must pull the plane 10 meters. But if you count on how much maximum load the machine can handle during its 12 minutes that the timer reaches, it could practically pull the aircraft more than 720 meters at the same time.

Why Ankarsrum stands out?

Efficient energy transfer

Strong motor

 Ankarsrum Assistent Original has a strong motor of 1500 watts with a highly efficient energy transfer that makes the Assistent a durable friend in the kitchen, ready to take on all the heavy duty tasks.We build assistants who have the strength to work exactly as you want and perform at the highest power for as long as you need. To be able to handle 5 kilos of dough requires, for example, a motor that can work hard and for a really long time.

Underlying gearbox

Unique construction

The bowl is situated above the gearbox which makes the bowl rotate. The construction of an underlying gearbox allows for an optimal gear ratio between the engine and the bowl. At the same time greater strength and durability are achieved.

Long life durability

Drive system

The power outlet that is used most is connected to the extremely efficient gearbox, making the machine extremely powerful. To this you can attach the bowl, the mincer and the vegetable cutter. This power outlet has a rotational range of approximately 40-140 (40-190, 120v) revolutions per minute. The power outlet on the side of the machine is for the blender jug when you lay the machine on its side. It is powered directly from the motor, and rotates at between 3,500 and 12,000 (16,000, 120v) revolutions per minute.