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Get to know Marcus our CEO of Ankarsrum!

In this post, get to know Marcus, CEO of Ankarsrum. Discover his journey from marketing manager to CEO, his vision for the company, and how he has led Ankarsrum through global challenges. Read about his day-to-day work, company culture, and passion for innovation as well as Ankarsrum's growth and international expansion under his leadership.

Marcus' journey and leadership at Ankarsrum

Meet Marcus, the visionary CEO who has not only steered Ankarsrum through significant global challenges, but also successfully set a long-term direction that has strengthened our company in the marketplace. Marcus started his journey with us as Marketing Manager in 2016 and made the step up to CEO in 2017, a move that was a result of his ability to integrate strategic marketing with our overall goals.

– The transition from Marketing Manager to CEO has given me the opportunity to not only think about the next step, but to work with the team in a visionary way to shape our entire future trajectory. It is this long-term view that underpins our drive for continuous improvement and innovation, says Marcus with a mix of thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.

A typical day at work for Marcus

Marcus is responsible for leading Ankarsrum through its continued growth and challenges. His days are dynamic and filled with activities that reflect his many important roles within our organization.

– No two days are the same, which is what makes my job so fascinating. But by far the most fun is working on the interactions between consumer, product and communication. Seeing how our teams work together to turn visions into tangible results is extremely rewarding, says Marcus.

He spends a lot of time in strategic meetings that are critical to our company’s success, from product development to international marketing strategies.

Vision and company culture under Marcus' leadership

Under Marcus leadership, Ankarsrum has not only grown from five to 23 employees, but has also established itself internationally with successful offices in both Germany and the United States.

– Our growth from a small team to a slightly larger but still small organization is at the core of our long-term vision and adaptability, even during unpredictable times such as the global pandemic and geopolitical challenges, Marcus reflects.

Marcus has been a driving force in creating a welcoming work environment where enjoying coming to work is as important as being productive and engaged.

– It is critical to create an environment where everyone feels valued and engaged. Having fun together strengthens our bonds and makes us more efficient, he explains.

He also stresses the importance of being a welcoming organization for everyone, whether you are a new employee, a long-time employee, a visitor or a supplier.

– When you come to us, you should feel that this is a nice place to be, says Marcus.

Favorite accessory that reflects a philosophy

When the question of his favorite accessory to the Stand mixer comes up, Marcus is quick with his answer:

– The pasta attachment. It’s more than just an accessory; it represents our philosophy of turning something traditional into extraordinary. Making pasta yourself elevates a simple meal to a festive event, reflecting our passion for innovation and quality, he explains with a smile.

Marcus continues to be a driving force for Ankarsrum, combining strategic insight with a passion for product innovation and company culture. With a foundation in long-term thinking and a vision of continuous improvement, Marcus and Ankarsrum look forward to a bright future filled with growth and innovation.