Dough Roller


Dough roller – a unique way of kneading dough. An Ankarsrum icon since the beginning!


Endless possibilities. Make the most of your kitchen machine with more smart accessories to make your own pasta, press juice, mix a smoothie, or make your own homemade burgers.


• Use the dough roller with the dough knife to help drive the dough towards the middle of the bowl.
• The dough roller fits all Assistent models (N1-N30).

Which one to use, the dough roller or the dough hook? This is a matter of opinion and taste. The dough roller kneads the dough and the hook rather pulls the dough. The dough roller has been with us since the dawn of time, whereas the dough hook was added when introducing the Assistent Original in the USA. Our advice is to try both and see what you think. One point to note is that the dough hook is more suitable for larger doughs.