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What – and how to

Find out what you can make with your Ankarsrum Assistent Original and how the machine is working.

Barbecue recipes Ankarsrum
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BBQ Time

Barbecue season is finally here!

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Ankarsrum Assistent Original

At Ankarsrum we think that food that is made at home tastes better. It’s as simple as that.. Ankarsrum Assistent Original Home. Made..

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Time for Apples!

Soon it is time to prepare your seasonal fruits! Homemade tastes better, it’s as simple as that.

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Recipes for Mother’s day

Make a homemade breakfast or a delicious cake for your mother on Mother’s Day.

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Ankarsrum wins Plus X award

Ankarsrum Assistent Original wins Plus X award in four prestigious categories. The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology and lifestyle

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Genius Recipes – Cook the dishes that nourished the world’s greatest minds

“It’s a great honour to have this opportunity to present this compilation of recipes for all to share and we hope that it will help spread the joy of cooking to more kitchens

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The world’s first global bread baked from algorithms

- The kitchen appliance Ankarsrum Assistent Original is becoming increasingly popular both in Sweden and abroad. Our ever stronger international position gave rise to the idea of finding a way to engage and unite people across the world through baking…

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Ankarsum Assistent – 75 years in household service

“The design is extremely well-thought-out; in fact, it’s tempting to says it’s ingenious. I would count it as a good deed if I could persuade some men out here in the country to buy it and thus make the lives of housewives a little easier.”

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Plus X award

Ankarsrum Assistent Original wins Plus X award in four prestigious categories.