• 7 years warranty
  • High capacity
  • Multifunctional

Ankarsrum Assistent Original

The ultimate Stand mixer for your home

Ankarsrum Assistent Original is not just another kitchen machine. This iconic stand mixer, with its Swedish design since 1940, stands out for its durability and versatility. Put the Ankarsrum stand mixer to the test in your kitchen and experience the difference!

Stand mixer in the color Rustic Maroon.

New color: Rustic Maroon

Ankarsrum Stand mixer.

A stand mixer that stands out!

7 year warranty

Our Ankarsrum Assistent is the epitome of quality, sustainability, and longevity.

Many different functions

Ankarsrum is a versatile workhorse that seamlessly transitions between two positions, standing and on its side, unlocking a world of culinary functions.

Made in Sweden

Experience the timeless legacy of the Ankarsrum Assistent Original, proudly made in Sweden for over eight decades. Discover the exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and iconic Scandinavian design that have made it a true classic in the world of kitchen appliances.

What our customers say

Undoubtedly the best mixer I’ve ever bought. If, like me you’re a bread baker, this will give you consistently excellent results.


Outstanding piece of kit. Superb for kneading bread dough, and quiet with it.


I am so impressed with my Ankarsrum Assistent mixer. It is so much more capable than my previous mixer. I used to have to create dough in batches, now I can just mix one large amount of dough. It makes beautifully soft dough that in turn makes wonderful bread. I have also bought the Complete Mincer set which is proving a terrific addition.


Wow! What a great assistant the Ankarsrum is! Since delivery I’ve used this almost daily, with the main reason for purchase to relieve me of bread and pasta making duties! It does that and then some! I love using it and it’s made me enjoy baking and making for my young family. I’ve used this for bakes, cookies and my Christmas cake too and hope to add to my accessories pot very soon. It makes me happy to know I’m giving my children homemade and it’s so easy with my new friend in the kitchen! The attachments are easy to use and maintain too. Thank you


I wish I’ve saved my money spending on other expensive food mixers and just purchased Ankarsrum in the first place! This is the best domestic bread dough mixer ever!


I’ve had the olive Ank for a few months now. I understand now what the fuss is about. This is a quality machine and it has produced quality results. Lovely bread, meringues, pasta and wonderful light fluffy cakes. I like the olive colour very much as well as the style of the machine. One of my favourite aspects is being able to see into the bowl to watch how things are progressing. We’re in this together for the long term!

Yellow stand mixer from Ankarsrum.

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The Stand Mixer that suits both large and small households

With a kitchen machine from Ankarsrum you get a complete helper and assistent in the kitchen. With over 16 different functions you can, among other things, whisk, knead, grind, squeeze and blend.The kitchen machine is manufactured and assembled by hand in Sweden, and has almost 80-years of history. Since the start in 1940, over 1,500,000 Ankarsrum® Assistent Originals have been sold in 30 different countries.

For many, it is important that the product is aesthetically pleasing but still functional. When developing our kitchen machines, we place great emphasis on designing the product. This results in a very popular and timeless model. In addition, we have chosen to use only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for our products. This results in a quality certified kitchen machine that is suitable for both baking and cooking.

Ankarsrum Assistent Original has a wide range of colors to choose from so you can get a kitchen machine in your favorite color. Spice up the kitchen with a vibrant color in red or turquoise or keep it subtle with a black or white kitchen machine.

Ankarsrum Assistent – more than just a Stand Mixer

If you have difficulty knowing what accessories you need, we have a wide variety to choose from here. In addition, there are complete packages to buy. These include everything needed to make the most of your kitchen machine. With a good and durable machine, staying in the kitchen is both efficient and rewarding. Ankarsrum’s kitchen assistent is suitable for a variety of cooking styles. For your own safety, we offer a 7-years warranty on our machine AKM6230. This applies to the engine as it is the most expensive component to replace.

What makes the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer different from other mixers?

The Ankarsrum Stand Mixer is distinct from other mixers due to its exceptional performance,  robust construction and the fact that it has been made in Sweden since 1940. . It also boasts a user-friendly design and a versatility that allows you to make a variety of foods with ease. With a range of accessories including a dough hook, grater, meat grinder, and more, this mixer stands out in the market and offers a unique experience for home chefs.

What are the standout features of the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer?

The standout features of the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer include its high-performance motor, intuitive control panel, range of speeds, strong motor, and its range of accessories that make it suitable for a variety of cooking techniques. These features combine to make the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer a top choice for home chefs who want a high-quality, easy-to-use mixer.

Can anyone use the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer with ease?

Yes, the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With its simple control panel, range of speeds, and range of accessories, this mixer makes it easy for anyone to achieve perfect results with every recipe.