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Baking 5 kilos with Ankarsrum
Reading time: 2 min

Prepare 5 kilos of dough

In Ankarsrum you can make up to 5 kilos of dough - and here you can learn how.

It is hard to beat the Ankarsrum Assistent Original when it comes to capacity and the volume you can bake with the assistent. It is possible to make up to 5 kilos of dough with 1.5-2 liters of dough liquid at once thanks to the bowl holding 7 liters in volume and strenght of the machine.

On 5 kilos of dough you can for example make bake up to 12 baguettes or 8 large loaves at ones. When preparing 5 kilos of the in your kitchen machine, we recommend that you use the dough hook for best results. Below you will find an instructional film showing how to use the assistent step by step when baking 5 kilos of dough.