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two red Strawberry drinks on a table


Strawberry Sorbet

  • 250 g frozen strawberries
  • 200 ml strawberry and lime juice
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Light Rum (3 cl per / person)

Meringue topping

  • 1 egg white (40g )
  • 67 g sugar

Drink for Valentine’s Day

A deliciously sweet strawberry drink – perfect for Valentine’s Day. Easy to make with our stand mixer and Blender.


    Follow these steps – Strawberry Sorbet

  1. Assemble the Assistent Original with the Blender attachment.

  2. Add all the ingredients for the Strawberry Sorbet. Pour into your favorite glasses.

  3. Follow these steps – Meringue Topping

  4. Assemble the Assistent Original with Beater Bowl and Balloon Whisks

  5. Whisk the egg white to a frothy foam, adding a little sugar at a time.

  6. Top drink with meringue and add fresh strawberries to garnish