A kitchen assistant combines a sturdy steel design with a powerful motor, which makes it an indispensable tool for both bakers and chefs. Basically, an Assistent is an extra pair of big, strong arms in your kitchen. A mixer that can perform a variety of tasks while you work on another element of your cooking or baking. The Assistent is also better and more efficient at mixing ingredients than a human can ever be!

As an Assistent can work unattended, you can use this time to gather ingredients or prepare for the next stage in the process. In this way the Assistent both saves you time and enables you to maintain a better overview of what’s happening in the kitchen! The Assistent also takes care of the monotonous and laborious elements, which all leads to better results and a more enjoyable time in the kitchen!

If you plan on doing a lot of baking, whether rolls or bread, we can highly recommend using an Assistent. Using an Assistent to knead the dough produces rolls and loaves that are softer and a lot more airy. There is a considerable difference in the results achieved compared with using a mixer with dough hooks, for example, and even more of a difference compared with kneading by hand. The kitchen assistant should also have a suitably powerful motor; the more powerful the motor, the better it is at handling larger batches of dough and heavier doughs

You can further increase the support you get in the kitchen by acquiring a number of accessories for your Assistent, which will enable it to help you chop vegetables, for example, blend soup or perhaps mince meat for your burgers.