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Instructions Deluxe


Deluxe package

This is the solution for you who want to be able to utilize the capacity of your Ankarsrum Assistent Original® to the fullest. Mince, mix, strain, press and so much more!

How to assemble

Instruction videos

Find instruction videos for all accessories in the deluxe package on our YouTube-channel. There you can also find user tips, inspiration and recipe videos.

Burgers, falafel, sausage


A mincer in the kitchen means you can take your cooking to a whole new level. And that applies whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian, because you can use the grinder to make minced fish just as well as minced meat or minced chickpeas! With the Mincer you also get:


Use to grate nuts, chocolate and parmesan

Cookie press

Use to make delicious cookies

Sausage horns

Use to make your own sausage

Smoothies, drinks, pesto


Put your Ankarsrum Assistent on its side when you want to use the blender. The blender holds 1.5 liters, and handles 1.3 liters of liquid at the same time. Make everything from smoothies and drinks to pesto and hummus!

Vitamin boost every day!

Citrus press

With the citrus press you can press oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The trough in the citrus press prevents the bitterness of the centre of the citrus fruits from ending up in the juice and affecting the taste. The strainer around the citrus press catches any seeds and the flesh of the fruit.

Apple mash and puree


The strainer is used to strain fruit and berries to a mash or purée. Cut the fruit into wedges, but keep the skin and the core. Set, using the setting knob, how thick or thin you want the mash to be. Always start at the innermost position for best results.


Find all our recipes here.

Endless possibilities

Learn more about the possibilities with Ankarsrum.

How to assemble