Ankarsrum homemade meringue




100 g egg white
90 g sugar
120 g icing sugar
Coloring (optional)

Add the egg white
Start on high speed
Add sugar a little at a time when the egg is fluffy

Turn down the speed
Add the icing sugar
Add the coloring (optional)

Set oven to 125°C (257°F)
Use a piping bag and pipe onto a baking pan with baking sheet paper
Bake the meringues in the middle of the oven for about 50-60 min
They are ready when they loosen from the baking paper


Decorate  – Time for party!




Blender Vigorously Ankarsrum

Knead, squeeze, mash, shred? No problem

You have several different accessories to choose from to create the perfect sausage, burger, bread, pasta, applesauce, smoothie – or whatever you are dreaming of. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you and your Ankarsrum Assistent Original can accomplish.