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  • High capacity
  • Multifunctional

Ankarsrum Assistent Original

Homemade Ice cream

Make frozen delights with Ankarsrum! With our Ice cream maker attachment you can make your
own homemade Ice cream and experiment with all you favorite ingredients!

Ice cream maker

Time to get creative with frozen treats!

Get inspired with our recipes

Here you can find a lot of delicious Ice cream recipes made with our Ice cream maker!

Elevate your Ice cream game

Beyond Ice Cream

From ice cream to velvety gelato, creamy frozen yogurt, and refreshing sorbet

Homemade Ice cream with Ankarsrum

Elevate your frozen treat experience with Ankarsrum's Ice Cream Maker

Step by Step; Ice cream with Ankarsrum

Step by step on how to make Ice cream with our attachment

Elevate your Ice cream game

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