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The perfect whipped cream

All things cream. Fat content. s. Cold. Whisk.

All things cream

A fluffy, silky cream is an unbeatable topping for cake or fresh strawberries. Here are our tips for getting the perfect whipped cream.

Fat content
Cream with a high fat content, preferably 40%, will takes the least amount of time to quickly and easily whip into fluffy and airy cream. Cream with a fat content lower than 30% takes longer to whip up.

Cream should be cold when whipped. It is possible to whip slightly warmer cream, but it takes longer and you’ll run the risk of turning the cream into butter when it’s warm and not chilled.

For cream that has a lower fat content than 30%, it is especially important that it is properly chilled when it is to be whipped.

Frozen cream cannot be whipped.

Everything from 1dl to 8dl of cream can be easily whipped in the Ankarsrum Beater bowl. Start on low speed and gradually increase to medium or high speed depending on the type of cream you are using. Do not overbeat or cream will become grainy and begin to separate and turn into butter.

Whipped cream should be used as soon as possible after it is whipped.

Soft cream
If you want soft cream that is suitable for pies or strawberries, it should be whipped until it forms soft peaks, peaks that slowly collapse.

Heavy cream
For a firmer cream with stability, it should be whipped until the whisk leaves clear traces in the cream with peaks that don’t collapse. If you want stiffer cream, you can continue whisking, but keep a close eye on it as the cream can quickly go from whipped to separating.

If the cream is whipped a little too stiff, you can try adding a little more liquid cream and whipping at low speed, or alternatively by hand, and that way save the cream.

Homemade butter
Try making your own butter, it´s both simple and very tasty! Beat 5 dl of cream on medium speed until it becomes granular and begins to release liquid, around 5-6 minutes. Reduce the speed to low and beat until you have butter. Pour off the liquid. Add 1 tablespoon of flake salt and whisk together. Line a large bowl with a double layer of cheese cloth and add the butter.  Gather up and squeeze out the liquid.

Half a liter of liquid cream gives approximately 1.2 liters of whipped cream, the volume increases by up to 2-3 times the liquid amount.

Fold in cream
If whipped cream is to be folded into another sort of cream, the cream should be firm. It is also ideal if both the whipped cream and the other cream are cold. Start by adding a small amount of the cream first and mix gently. Add the rest of the cream and gently fold in with a spatula.  Continue to gently fold until incorporated.  Avoid stirring, this will deflate the fluffiness of the whipped cream.

Piping cream
Add a pinch of baking powder and whip the cream firmly. The baking powder makes the whipped cream more stable and easier to pipe and shape.

Color the cream
If you are going to color the cream, it is preferable to use gel or paste color instead of liquid color to avoid adding excess liquid to the cream. Add the color before you start whisking.

Flavoring the cream
If you are going to flavor whipped cream, it should be added towards the end of whipping, or gently folded in once whipped. If you are going to add sugar, icing sugar is preferred instead of caster sugar.

Whipped cream should be stored in a covered container in the fridge, but does not keep the fluffy consistency for very long. Over time, cream hardens at the top and becomes watery at the bottom, it can be stirred and used, but it will not be the same as freshly whipped cream.

Plant-based “cream”
There are several different products that can be used in the same way as whipped cream but are plant-based. The most common are almond, coconut and soy cream. They have different fat contents, should be well chilled and often take longer to whip up than regular whipped cream.

Various cream-based fillings and toppings:
Creme Chantilly Whipped cream mixed with sugar and often flavored with vanilla.
Fluff A cream consisting of melted candy and cream.  Can be whipped up after cooling and used as a filling or topping for baked goods.
Ganache A cream consisting of chocolate and cream. Can be whipped up after cooling and used as a filling or topping for baked goods.
Ice-cream mixture Half whipped cream and half vanilla cream. Used as filling in cakes.
Mousse A fluffy and cream-based filling or topping for desserts and pastries. Can be flavored with, among other things, chocolate, berries and fruit.
Pannacotta Pannacotta is a dessert made from boiled cream, sugar and gelling agent. Can be whipped up after cooling and used as a filling or topping for baked goods.