Assistent Original – Harmony Beige (HB)

Art No: 2301224

The Assistent Original is produced and assembled by hand in Sweden and has been since 1940. Each Assistent is tested before it leaves the factory. We work with the catchwords of quality, functionality and design.



Endless possibilities. Make the most of your kitchen machine with more smart accessories to make your own pasta, press juice, mix a smoothie, or make your own homemade burgers.

In kitchen service since 1940.

Ankarsrum Assistent Original

Here you can find your kitchen assistent from Ankarsrum - You will get a new best friend in the kitchen.

7 years warranty

Each machine is tested individually and comes with a 7-year warranty.

1500 watt engine

Strong engine! With Ankarsrum you can bake up to 5 kg of dough.


16 different accessories. Knead, press, mash, mix? No problem.

Many different colors

What color fits in your kitchen?

Ankarsrum Assistent Original is not only strong. It's good-looking too. Mineral white, orange, red, creme or black chrome? We have many different colours to choose from. Choose a color to suit your personality. Or your kitchen. Or one completely different, that stands out entirely!

Assistent Original Basic package

Each Assistent Original® AKM6230 standard package includes accessories to make cooking easier and provide invaluable help when baking everything from sponge cakes to sourdough loaves. This is the latest model of the classic Assistent Original, with several new clever functions and improvements. A huge 7 litre bowl makes this the ideal machine for making large batches of dough. It can mix 1.5 L of dough liquid and 5 kg of dough.

7 years warranty

Ankarsrum® Assistent Original is a Swedish design. We build kitchen machines which have the strength to work exactly as you want and perform at the highest power for as long as you need. Each machine is tested individually before leaving the factory and comes with a 7-years warranty.

Engine & Machine

A reliable kitchen machine - never goes out of style! Ankarsrum Assistent Original has a powerful motor of 1500 watts with a very efficient energy transfer that makes the assistent a durable friend in the kitchen, ready to take on all heavy tasks. The unique gearbox provides a quiet and powerful machine.

Timeless design

The characteristic timeless design is as popular today as in the 50's. It was first developed by civil engineer Alvar Lenning. Over the years, the creme-colored original has been supplemented with more color options and today Ankarsrum Assistent Original is available in 13 different colors.
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