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Make your own pasta with Ankarsrum

Homemade pasta, an act of love that your friends and family will thoroughly appreciate. Learn more on how to make your own pasta with Ankarsrum.

Pasta made from home

Serving homemade pasta impresses during any dinner. The taste and texture provide a wonderful experience for the palate – and it is also much easier to do than you think! Our pasta rollers come from Italian Marcato, which has over 80 years of tradition of making pasta rollers.

Pasta Fettuccine Ankarsrum

Making your own pasta is not difficult but it requires a little practice and patience. The two most important ingredients for a successful pasta are of course time and love!
But we have gathered more of our best tips here:

• DOUGH The best homemade pasta dough is made from durum wheat flour that is kneaded together with eggs. The dough requires a little extra care but it is well worth the effort. Here you can find our recipe for pasta dough.

• DRYING PROCESS Many people miss the drying process when making pasta. The pasta should dry for a while so that it can then become “al dente” (with chewing resistance) when cooked. Drying is important when making your own pasta so that the pasta has the right consistency and that it does not taste like dough. If you do not have a drying rack, you can hang the pasta over a broomstick between two chair backs.

• FLOUR Always use a lot of extra flour when rolling pasta. When you do spaghetti or fettuccine nests, toss every nest in a little extra flour

• Run the pasta through the Pasta Roller for Lasagna until it is thin enough for the pasta shape you are going to make.