Baking Steel with birch paddle

Swedish Baking steel for pizza, bread and barbecue! Our baking steel are mined from the Swedish Kiruna mine, and processed in Norrland’s hinterland. Where the handmade birch paddle is also made.


Endless possibilities. Make the most of your kitchen machine with more smart accessories to make your own pasta, press juice, mix a smoothie, or make your own homemade burgers.


Pizza with restaurant quality in 2 minutes

Upgrade your regular oven to be able to provide heat similar to a wood-fired oven with Ankarsrum’s baking steel! The steel also works for all types of bread that have a short baking time and as a frying table on the outdoor grill.

With Ankarsrum Baking Steel, you can upgrade your regular oven to be able to provide heat similar to a wood-fired oven – and thus get the highest quality pizza in just 2 minutes. The reason why you can get such high heat is that you make full use of the oven’s grill elements.

Place your steel on a rack at the top of the oven, about 5 cm from the grill element. Turn on the highest effect on the grill mode and let the steel heat up for about an hour. The solid baking steel absorbs the heat from the grill element and heats up to extreme temperatures. Drive in your pizza with the help of the handmade pizza spade from Ankarsrum – in just two minutes you have a steaming hot pizza with crispy edges and a golden brown bottom.

Baking steel as a frying table

Do you want to be able to use the baking steel as a frying table? It also goes very well with Ankarsrum’s back steel. The baking steel can also be used out on the grill, not only for pizza but also as a frying table for everything from vegetables to seafood and burgers. With Ankarsrum solid baking steel, you get a frying table that does not cool down no matter what you put on for raw material. The back steel from Ankarsrum can handle most things!

Long life-time

Our back steel is laser cut from a solid steel plate and virtually impossible to destroy. The rear steel, just like our Ankarsrum Assistent Original, can probably also be inherited for generations if taken good care of. We expect the back steel to last at least 30 years. 

The most important thing is that the steel is kept dry and clean during storage, this to avoid rust formation. Otherwise, the steel can withstand most things! If the steel has been used in the oven, it is recommended that it be allowed to cool for at least one hour and can then be washed and dried dry.