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Christmas recipes

Are you looking for Christmas recipes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can find classic recipes but also new & exciting christmas recipes.

Christmas recipes 

Christmas is finally here! In the middle of the darkest season of the year, Christmas comes and lights up life with lit streets, squares and gardens. The Christmas celebration is originally a tradition where you celebrate the birth of Jesus. This holiday is celebrated around the world and is the biggest season of the year. With Christmas comes traditions in the form of food, decorations and spending time with loved ones, and these traditions vary from family to family and wherever in the world you are.

During Christmas, most of the baking is done in our homes, and this is accompanied by a lot of Christmas coffee and Christmas snuggles with friends and family. When it comes to Christmas baking, there are a whole large amount of recipes to make such as classic gingerbread, soft gingerbread and saffron buns. Regardless of what you are craving during Christmas time, baking is something that brings everyone together when it comes to tradition and being together with family and friends.

The best Christmas recipes this year

Getting your hands in freshly made gingerbread dough is hard to beat! With Christmas comes fantastic traditions that return year after year and many have existed for several generations. Of course, there are classic recipes such as gingerbread cookies, egg toddy and fluffy buns that are a must, but why not update these classics with new exciting recipes? We at Ankarsrum love Christmas and we have a lot of Christmas recipes that you can easily bake with loved ones, regardless of age.

Luxurious saffron buns with almond paste

Saffron is an obvious spice during Christmas! With our recipe for luxurious saffron buns with almond mass, you get juicy buns that are just as good for the Christmas party as for the Christmas coffee. Top these saffron buns with slivered almonds and pearl sugar and your buns will be as beautiful as they are delicious! 

Gluten free Christmas cake with star anise

Everyone should be able to enjoy a good Christmas cake, regardless of whether you are allergic or not. We at Ankarsrum proudly present a recipe for gluten-free Christmas cake with tart orange slices and caramelized and sweet surface – ready to be eaten at any time during the Christmas celebration. This Christmas cake also contains star anise, which is a classic Christmas spice that really adds flavor to this wonderful cake!

Classic Gingerbread

Nothing is as Christmassy as gingerbread! It is said that the gingerbread came to England from Germany in the 14th century, and these cookies are flavored with cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. There are, of course, many different recipes for gingerbread and you can also decorate these with frosting in any color. A versatile yet classic Christmas cake quite simply!

Saffron cupcakes with Nutella frosting

What is better than the combination of saffron and delicious nutella frosting? Difficult, right? Try our recipe for juicy saffron muffins with wonderful nutella frosting, we can promise that these will be a hit during this year’s Christmas celebrations! 

Classic Saffron buns 

Nothing is as classic as saffron buns during Christmas. These fluffy buns are a must during Christmas but above all for the Christmas party. You can top your freshly baked saffron buns with pearl sugar and slivered almonds if you so wish, and you can also ignore adding raisins if you don’t want this. Regardless of the content and toppings these classics buns are a must!

Fluffy and juicy Christmas cake with frosting

Here we have a given Christmas cake for the cookie tray during Christmas! A beautiful Christmas cake that hits home with everyone, young and old. A soft Christmas cake is a classic that can be varied endlessly. In our recipe, you get a Christmas cake with the classic Christmas items such as cinnamon, orange and lovely frosting! 

Fudge with licorice and cardamom

Fudge is a given favorite on the Christmas table! All kinds of Christmas sweets are always appreciated, but our recipe for licorice fudge with spicy cardamom will do the trick on the candy table this Christmas. They are also very appreciated to give away in a nice Christmas jar as a present when going to a Christmas dinner. 

Luxurious and creamy Eggnog 

Can it be more Christmessy than a creamy and luxurious eggnog? This frothy and festive drink can be varied endlessly, and in our recipe you get the luxury feeling thanks to the ground nutmeg and cinnamon. Our best tip is to serve the egg toddy warm in tall glasses, so it will be extra luxurious! 

The best Christmas recipes 2022 

We at Ankarsrum want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Our hope is that you will celebrate Christmas with loved ones and really take the opportunity to unwind and recharge for the new year which is around the corner.